Zen Monk


Like most Dwarves, Gete was born underground. His parents both worked in the mines, which Gete grew to not enjoy. Gete wanted to hone his body to perfection for his own use rather than swing a pick at some rock for most of his life.

As young as his parents would let him, Gete started training with the dwarven warriors. His family was poor, as they were not the crafters that many families were but rather just common miners. As he was still too young to actually enlist with the warriors, and too poor to have his own fighting equipment, Gete learned to fight with the shirt on his back and the body he was given. He trained hard, even though others would laugh at him for trying to fight with his short stubby arms rather than the longswords and halberds and dwarven axes the warriors used.

At the young age of 40, Gete left the mines to travel the world. The mines were no life for him, and he would never earn the respect of the other dwarven warriors by staying. He had saved up rations and learned some basics about how to hunt and gather food, but he was aiming for the nearest town to find work.

Upon reaching the city, Gete was excited to learn that there were people who earned a living “adventuring”. He went to sign up for such an adventure immediately! He filled out some forms and was told that he did not have the skills to make it as an adventurer – but there was this Human woman there named Tina who made a deal with Gete. She was from a monestary nearby and offered to teach Gete the way of the bow – which she called “Zen Archery” – in exchange for working for the monestary. She promised that Gete would be accepted in the adventuring guild in town after training with her for 2 years. While Gete was dissapointed that he was still 2 years away from his life as an adventurer, Tina was offering training and a place to live and eat which would eventually lead him to this new world of adventuring.

Gete has been training with Tina in the monestary for almost 2 years now. He learned how to dodge attacks, shoot a bow quickly and precisely, and sometimes he could focus so well he could hit with unusual accuracy. As his training is nearing completion, Tina has gave him a bow — the most expensive thing Gete has ever owned — and a bundle of arrows.


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