Always trying to help, but always seeming to get into trouble


Character sheet:
Zanros is a tall skinny human, who has a distinct scar on his neck, he always looks fairly happy, even though it seemed bad luck followed him.


Zanros was born into a village, and like most villages of his region, they had a town Oracle. The oracle was an extremely important cog in the social machine of the village, and for this Zanros envied the oracle greatly. Zanros had always felt like he was unimportant, and this made him very ambitious, he did not enjoy the feeling of mediocrity. Zanros was fortunate in the fact that he could command the forces of magic, he started teaching himself to become great, he knew one day he would replace the town oracle and become great. The town oracle was a women by the name of Delphi, she was extremely kind, but also could be very cruel, when she found out that young Zanros was practicing oracle magic, she became upset and feared she would lose her position. Delphi, thinking hastily tried to murder Zanros in his sleep, Zanros awoke to a knife at his throat, Delphi tried to make the cut, but Zanros pushed away the blade, and only got cut on the corner of his throat, missing vital arteries. Zanros immediately grabbed the knife and plunged it into the village oracle, the oracle looked at Zanros in the eye and muttered some words, Zanros did not hear the words for some reason, he saw her lips move but could not make out what she was saying. As the oracle died, she screamed, this Zanros heard, and in moments the room was filled with the village guard, Zanros dropped the knife and tried to tell what happened, they would not hear him. When the village trial took place, they made him demonstrate some magical abilities, to confirm his story that Delphi was worried about her position. Zanros spontaneously cast a light spell, which amazed the elders, they had not seen this spell before (probably because it was so easy and Delphi had no use for it). The village elders decided that there was truth to what Zanros had claimed, but the village would not forgive him for destroying their beloved healer, they decided to exile him from the village. Zanros, at first was extremely angry at the unfairness that he would not be able to be the oracle, but as time went on, he realized the world was a lot bigger than just that village and set out to find bigger and better things to do. With Zanros’s new found love for exploring the big world, he set out on a voyage of the sea, to find out what lies beyond the land he had come to know. But what happened on this voyage, he would have never expected, his life would change forever, for better, or for worse, he would find out soon enough.


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